Hi Kikillo! Loved the collaboration you’ve done with us, can you introduce yourself to our fans who don’t already know who you are?

My real name is Enrique. I live now on a small town in the north of Spain (Basque Country). I love my Playstation but I can’t play with it now because I am busy. That makes me sad/happy.

You certainly have a very unique and distinctive style, can you tell us how it came about?

I try to follow my own universe of patterns and rules when I am drawing something and it’s super fun. It’s like a construction game in my head. Duplos are the biggest influence in me, aside from Bikkuriman. And I really need music in my life! My huge subwoofer is the best workmate I’ve ever had.

We’ve spotted mockups your illustration on clothing up on your Instagram feed. Are you planning to start a clothing line?

Yes and no, I’ll be producing a limited series of sweatshirts that will be on sale soon (see the one above the speaker in the photo). If it goes right who knows, it’s like a childhood dream having my own clothing brand :O 

Check out Kikillo’s online store here.

Can you share with us your daily essentials through a flatlay photograph.



Who are some of your favourite artist on Instagram?

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Lastly can you pick 3 of your favourite pieces of work you’ve done so far?



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