Erin Nations

Can you introduce yourself to our Stickerbomb fans out there?

My name is Erin. I live in Portland, Oregon and I spend most of my day in 5′ x 8′ cubby space where I draw and make comics and zines.

Tell us more about your blog Novelty Knees. When and why did you start blogging?

Novelty Knees was created 9 years ago. My good friend, Jonathon Hill-Jaquard, who is responsible for introducing me to comics, street art, and everything cool, encouraged me to start it after he created a blog. Essentially, we used are blogs as a platform to share our art. I didn’t know how to create a website, so starting a blog was a perfect way to publish stuff online. However, a few years ago, I joined Tumblr, which is where I share most of my work now.



We love your comic, Sibling Fighting Techniques! Your comics seem to be influenced by your personal experience. Am I right?

Thank you! I’ve only been creating comics for three years, but yes, most of them tend to be about by my own personal experiences, which wasn’t something I planned. When I was a teenager, I’d write fiction stories and I’d draw imaginary people, so I’m surprised that when I merged the writing with the drawing, it resulted in comics about myself. When I wrote my first comic, Twins-Triplet, the story was completely made up, but so much of it was based off my own experience I figured I’d turn it into a memoir comic. Initially, it was gonna be a 3 part comic book and once it was completed, I didn’t think I’d make another autobiographical comic. However, while I was working on the first book, I was also coming to terms with being transgender. I didn’t know how to cope or who to talk to, so I put Twins-Triplet on the back burner and I started making these comics about my dysphoria and my transition. I did it because it was therapeutic. I enjoy creating comics with personal narratives, but I also like making fictional comics, which I plan to create more of in the future.

Can you share with us some of your favorite illustrators on Instagram?

Checkout Tome! Stay tune! @tome____

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Last can you pick 3 of your favourite pieces of work you’ve done so far?

I’m going with recent favorites…(1) I just completed a cover for one of my comic books that I’m really digging (2) My growing collection of comics regarding my transition and (3) A comic I did called “Meet Tobias”. I just like drawing that character



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