Impending Inauguration #tinyorangehands

Nobody can deny that the anxiety for #inauguration is real. From the arts (#J20 Art Strike) to the lawmakers, this impending episode exemplifies that the country that was once great is truly divided. Following Hollywood’s standing ovation moment, our news headline have flooded with opinions flying all over, who’s boycotting what. It just makes everyone outside the states want to stay home and pull out a bag of chips to watch. NOT. With project #tinyorangehands, Stickerbomb has gathered the sentiments of a group of artists/illustrators/designers who were equally, if not even more, concern with post-20th Jan.

Towards the end of 2016, Stickerbomb initiated a open-call for submissions from our fans all around the world to produce our next sticker pack. Despite the holiday season a.k.a. email-and-social-media-on-break weeks, dope entries were constantly coming in. It caught us by surprise, got us so geared up to produce these packs now. Like now now.


But patience is key. So, tell us which design you love on @bombstagram and we shall drop the selected designs on 20th Jan, Friday, of course 😉


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