Levi’s China x Stickerbomb

Levi’s were running a series of events across China and they needed illustrations for patches from a range of artists covering themes such as Rock and Roll, Nightlife and Sailor Jerry.

Stickerbomb curated and sourced a selection of over 150 artworks from over 20 artists for Levi’s to choose from. Levi’s then selected around 50 artwork which they turned into patches for their popup events.


This process inspired the Levi’s team to include 3 of the artists in the events themselves. We were asked to quickly produce the artist participation which meant contacting and co-ordinating with the selected artists to appear at the shows.  To ensure a smooth interaction, we sent a member of our team to provide support for both the artist and Levi’s.

The collaboration was so successful we ended up working with Levi’s the following year on the same event and we subsequently produced a short video which you can see below.




“Last year [STICKERBOMB] got us involved for a Levi’s project in Beijing.  It was by far one the most original and exciting brief so far.  We were flown out to Beijing to work on a live draw / mural for 2 days outside the Levi’s store.  We were also commissioned to design fabric patches that were used on the garments.  It was our 1st time working abroad and Beijing was awesome, definitely an experience. Big cheers to Stickerbomb for making it happen.”  – El Famoso (UK)


STICKERBOMB believes in providing artists, illustrators and muralists with a platform for showcasing their work to a global audience. A brainchild of Studio Rarekind, a creative workshop with an established presence in London, Bangkok and Singapore, Stickerbomb curates artwork in its popular sticker book collectable series, raved about by a worldwide following. Today, Stickerbomb stays true to a vision of building a community of emerging artists, by giving fans a daily dosage of contemporary art and street culture.