Keep an eye out for Do & Khatra (India)

We have been following them for quite a while now, always looking forward to new works from this duo. Now, they’ve just out done themselves with this mural for St+art Hyderabad Festival. And that was our cue to introduce you to Do & Khatra, young duo from Baroda, India.

“Unusual Usual” by Do & Khatra




Detail Shot
Images taken by Pranav Gohil & Revantika Gupta. Courtesy of the artists.

Lighted-hearted and cheeky, this mural found along the streets of Makhta, Hyderabad is the duo’s attempt at presenting the everyday of locals. This is no Mahatma Gandhi but the red nose, well-rounded grandpa definitely brought some X’mas spirit to the streets. Do & Khatra’s soundbite: “We observed some very old citizens living around there. We then randomly decided to paint a huge old man named Aataji, who has one teeth and is holding a toothbrush with one bristle, with a crowing rooster on his arm. The depiction is a usual morning sight, but in an unusual way.”

Leaving you guys with other works by Do (@dostreetart) & Khatra (@bykhatra) because they are team you would want to keep an eye out for in 2017. Have a great unusual, usual holiday season! Peace out.

Made using 10 containers this was the last piece that was completed for #WIPshow. Brass bands are very popular in India for marriage ceremonies and other occasions, but the people in the band are never really considered musicians or rockstars. The musician depicted here is Rasik who is a part of the RAJA BAND, which is a name synonymous with brass bands in India, who didn’t have sufficient funds to buy hmself a guitar so he made one using a wooden scrap and nails. By showing Rasik as a rockstar performing on stage, Khatra (me) and Do (nikunj) have tried to pay homage to every musician who, whether famous or unknown, still pursue their dream and passion for playing music. Photo by Pranav Gohel #startindia #startdelhi #asianpaints #streetart #streetartdelhi #streetartindia #concor #urbanart #publicart #containers #bright colors #old guitarist #passion #lights #mural

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Our very own Bhallaladeva, @ranadaggubati with Do+Khatra!! #BaahubaliAtComicCon #TheBaahubaliMural

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