Introducing… Zombie Suicide Club

Introducing an exciting new project we are involved with: Zombie Suicide Club.

An arts project. With undead overtones.  A brainchild of Bristol based artist Duncan Brown.

The first product…. a RUB DOWN TRANSFER SCENE.

But what are rub down transfers you ask?
Popular with kids in the 70’s and 80’s….. here’s a bit more info……/

The rub down transfer pack is a printed fold out action scene which comes with an acetate sheet of dry transfers. The transfer sheet features dozens of 2 inch high street artists, with spray cans, machetes and maybe one or two assault rifles. Plus a few graffiti murals and a bunch of tags. These can be rubbed down anywhere in the scene.

Working in collaboration with Duncan Brown, we’ll be promoting the project and selling the final product on our website and various outlets.

All the characters are based on real life street artists. Who choose to either appear as undead or survivors. There will be a Who’s Who on the back plugging the various artists.

GET INVOLVED and become part of the club! Get dressed up, try out some sick poses and send us your photos.  Email us at for more info on how you can be a party of this Zombie mayhem!

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