D-day for #tinyorangehands

Good morning, world. Isn’t it a dreadful delightful morning, full of hope and change? It is D-Day (pun intended). Today we celebrate a pair of #tinyorangehands over the White House  and we over here at Stickerbomb are quite excited to drop our selected artworks for the special edition of sticker packs. Just in time as a inauguration gift to you, Sir.

No hard feelings – to those who weren’t chosen or anyone basically. Haters gonna hate.

So spread the word, and get ready to stick’em #tinyorangehands up! In no particular order:

1.Russell Taysom (@russelltaysom) from UK

Russell Taysom for #tinyorangehands

2. Claudio ilClod, Art of Sool (@artofsool) from Italy

Claudio ilClod_Italy

3. Andrew Kolb (@kolbisneat) from Canada

Russell Tasom

Trumpzilla by Andrew Kolb

4. Zinkete (@zinkete) from BarcelonaZinkete_Barcelona

5.  Javi-Sanchez (@javinnch), ColombiaJavi Sanchez for #tinyorangehands

6. Don Motta (@insidemotta) from Colombia

Don for #tinyorangehands

Dope pack, ain’t it? Give us a big up if you love (or hate) the selected works! They will be available for sale on our online store in February, and all proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) that helps refugees in all parts of the world. #foragoodcause. Stay tune!


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