How and when did you fall in love with illustrating?

I started taking drawing seriously when I was in the 7th-8th grade, when my drawing teacher suggested to my mum that I should try for an art high school instead of going to a normal one. I studied graphics at high school and at college.

I can’t explain how my passion for art evolved or even started, but I can tell you that when I was little my grandma’s sister used to be a window dresser and she had the most amazing crafty skills and an awesome studio I used to visit and watch her work.



Tell us more about your work.

Currently, my work is mostly influenced by the places I travel to and what I accumulated in time. Immediately after I finished my studies I was in a place of trying to discover who I was as an artist, having the techniques but not a real, from the heart, subject to work with. So I looked back into my childhood and extracted stuff that marked me and combined them with what my interests were at that time. It was a pretty grim period and the resulting works were nightmarish, with powerful sexual-religious influences.

I draw my art-stamina from observing the nature, flora and fauna, from international and Romanian folklore and of course, having a big appetite for made-up creatures and dream-like scenes.  My Blue Period, for example, was inspired by a recent trip to Portugal. It’s the lovechild of my interpretation of Azulejos (painted ceramic tiles in blue) and the Atlantic.

So far I have applied my work on murals, fashion apparel, decorative objects and furniture, but I never had the chance to try out ceramics and pottery, and I deeply respect and admire this form of art.

I believe I’m very lucky to be able to work for myself and have the liberty of choosing the projects I work on. That’s why I love working on commissioned or personal projects all the same.



What are your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge for me was to find my identity as an artist. Finding that something to differentiate me from other artists and keeping a certain style, even though I went through different periods and constantly added new subjects and symbolism to my art.

Who are some of your influencers?

I admire Escif, Saddo, H Bosch and naive art painters from all over the world.

In Bucharest I don’t think I can recommend a gallery or an art space, but I know one in Timisoara that usually has a really nice selection of artists called ‘Calina’.

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